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Welcome to TUBION - (Toward Union in Biological Investigation, Open Network)

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Tubion Healthcare Social Network


Tubion: Toward Union in Biological Investigation, Open Network. A one stop portal for healthcare professionals who are seeking information and resources for business in the world of healthcare.

Tubion allows registered users to network with other professionals in the industry.

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To be or not to be? Yes, tubion.com


Things you must know about Social Networks in Health Care: Communication, collaboration and insights.

  1. "Social networks hold considerable potential value for health care organizations because they can be used to reach stakeholders, aggregate information and leverage collaboration".
  2. "Sixty percent of surveyed physicians and 65 percent of surveyed nurses are interested in using social networks for professional purposes".
  3. "More than 700 of the U.S.’ 5,000 hospitals have a social media and social networking presence to enhance their ability to market services and communicate to stakeholders".

You can download the study of Deloitte Center for Health Solutions.