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New brain tumour gene identified for meningiomas

Multiple MeningiomasThe causes of brain tumours have been hard to discern in most cases. But Umeå researchers have previously identified an inherited predisposition for brain tumours, and now, in an international collaboration, they have also discovered a genetic variation that increases the risk of a certain type of brain tumour, called meningiomas.

Even When The Body Starves, The Brain Grows

When developing babies are growth restricted in the womb, they are typically born with heads that are large relative to their bodies. The growing brain is protected at the expense of other, less critical organs. Now, researchers reporting in Cell, a Cell Press publication, unearth new molecular evidence that explains just how the brain is spared.

Neuroscientists Identify How The Brain Remembers What Happens And When

New York University neuroscientists have identified the parts of the brain we use to remember the timing of events within an episode. The study, which appears in the latest issue of the journal Science, enhances our understanding of how memories are processed and provides a potential roadmap for addressing memory-related afflictions.

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