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CT Scan Could Help Predict Early Death In Diabetes, Study Shows

New findings out of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center reveal that a common test may be useful in predicting early death in individuals with diabetes. The study appears in the May issue of Diabetes Care.

New Class Of Compounds Have Great Potential For Research And Drug Development

Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute have identified a class of compounds that could be a boon to basic research and drug discovery.

In a new study, published online in Nature Chemical Biology on May 15, 2011, the researchers show the new compounds powerfully and selectively block the activity of a large and diverse group of enzymes known as "serine hydrolases."

Previously discovered serine hydrolase-blocking compounds have been turned into drugs to treat obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease, and are currently in testing as treatments for pain, anxiety, and depression.

Pharmacies To Offer Assessments To Help Find The One In 50 People With Undiagnosed Diabetes In Wales

Every pharmacy in Wales will offer free Type 2 diabetes risk assessments for a fortnight in a bid to find the 66,000 people thought to have undiagnosed diabetes.

From Monday 13 June, which falls during Diabetes Week, every Welsh pharmacy will offer simple paper-based assessments to identify people at risk of developing the condition in the next 10 years.

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