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Study Offers Insight For Returning Troops And Their Relationships

Returning Troops And Their RelationshipsTroops overseas often want nothing more than to get back home to loved ones - but the reunion period often can be more emotionally taxing than the deployment.

Returning service members are at a greater risk of both depressive symptoms and relationship distress, and research shows the two often go together, says University of Illinois researcher Leanne Knobloch (pronounced kuh-NO-block). That's not a good thing, since someone suffering from depressive symptoms "really needs the support of their romantic partner."

Researchers Identify Possible Therapeutic Target For Depression And Addiction

Researchers studying mice are getting closer to understanding how stress affects mood and motivation for drugs.

According to the researchers, blocking the stress cascade in brain cells may help reduce the effects of stress, which can include anxiety, depression and the pursuit of addictive drugs.

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